Eat and Run is a social club for runners of all types and paces to come together around a love of food and fitness. Although we have long term goals of traveling the world to eat and run, for now we are organizing weekly meet-ups in the Ithaca area.

The group is organized by Vicki Taylor Brous and Suse Thomas. Vicki works for the Downtown Ithaca Alliance in marketing and events. Suse is an elementary school teacher at the Beverly J. Martin school in Ithaca. We both love running.

Scheduled Runs:

Sunday – Location and time varies Begins with a run from a restaurant location. Schedule is announced on this page. The run is followed by brunch at the restaurant.
Time is around 10am for longer run (6ish miles) and 10:30am for shorter run (3ish miles)

Tuesday – Begins and returns to the Finger Lakes Running and Triathlon Company in Downtown Ithaca at 5:45pm. Runs will mostly be 3-4 miles. Pace will vary with participants but is meant to be for the casual runner. This is followed by appetizers and beverages at a downtown restaurant location or at the store.

Some Notes:
Each participant is responsible for their meal costs and signing a waiver before beginning their first run.
Non-running friends and family members are welcome to join us after the run.

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